Beware the Tree of Blood…

A long time ago, a mad prophet foretold of a fallen empire – mountains filled with gold and silver, a flowing river, and dark forests unlike anything the southern kingdoms had ever seen before. The first expeditions were literally crushed by the power of those dark forests, but civilization eventually prevailed, setting up a small port city on the edge of Shadow Harbor.

Hundreds of years later, the city of Ravensgate sprawls across the landscape, a cultural gem of education, music, the arts, and trade goods from faraway lands. This city could very well be the prelude to new technology and science and the ending of magic and divine influence. However, the old ways will not be dismissed so easily, and sometimes a brighter future is just as bleak as a dark past.

Welcome to my campaign! Ravensgate is currently in its fourth redesign, moving from a D&D 3rd Edition campaign to a Warhammer Fantasy campaign to a Fantasy Masks campaign and now to Fictive Hack campaign.

Many thanks goes to my husband Andrew for all the amazing gaming goodies he cooks up including this current game version and also for inspiring me to do this. Also, thanks to Eidos and Looking Glass Studios, who created the awesome Thief game series that has stuck with me throughout the years and heavily inspired this campaign.

For Character Creation information, click here! I’ll be updating as we go.


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