Character Creation

Currently, I am allowing all the templates available in Andrew’s Thief: The Roleplaying Game for Fictive Hack except for Cleric and Keeper.

Other templates from the Talents and Templates book are Bard and Gambler. These will have to be updated with the new rules, but they are available to play.

Alternatively, there are various overlay templates available for the game. You can check out the Vampire here, the Chiresque here, the Lupinesque here, the Ravenesque here, and the Ursaesque here. These are supernaturally enhanced templates and it costs 15 Awesome Points to level instead of 12. I am allowing characters to be created as these templates instead of starting out as something else; however, if there is interest in becoming one of these through gameplay instead, let me know.

The Occupational Talents are also available to start with or to level into. There are a lot of different professions represented and all of them have a place in this city.

I would like to know what everyone is interested in playing in advance. I have many adventuring ideas, but the makeup of the group has a lot to do with what we end up doing.

Character Creation

Ravensgate Shadowfell